Carrier Management (RMIS) News!

As we continue to enhance our technology and provide a better carrier experience, we have created a new onboarding and carrier management system using the services of Registry Monitoring Insurance Services, Inc (RMIS). RMIS is a leading provider with over 20 years of experience in the compliance and onboarding industry. RMIS and Ready Logistics will be tracking each carrier’s documents and ensuring that ll requirements are met. In addition, RMIS will be responsible for obtaining and archiving other documentation and information, including agreements, W9 forms, and professional license verifications.

Benefits of RMIS 

  • Registration through the RMIS web-portal makes your onboarding and compliance process quick and easy, through any computer or mobile device.  
  • RMIS provides a Carrier Support center to assist with questions you may have around onboarding or compliance.  
  • RMIS will monitor your insurance coverage and renewal dates and will contact your insurance broker as needed to maintain and update your records.  
  • No paperwork required, no printing to sign documents, all documents are electronically signed on the RMIS registration application. 
  • Real time activation and deactivation based on compliance and risk management status. 
  • Once your registration is complete, you will have an account on the website, you will be able to make changes to your account information. Ready Logistics will be notified of the changes and will make the necessary updates to your 1Dispatch account.  

Required Information for Registration: 

  • Basic Company Information (MC/DOT number, business address, etc.) 
  • Provide W9 Information (TIN, Address, Company Name, Type of Business) 
  • Sign the digital Ready Logistics Transportation Agreement 
  • Provide Insurance Agent/Broker contact information 
  • Payment Method (and all supporting documents)

All current carrier partners must re-register through the RMIS system. The re-registration will happen in waves over several months beginning in April. Your company will be notified when it is your time to start the re-onboard process. Please do not ignore any communication you receive, the communications are time sensitive. To avoid any account disruptions, you must complete the re-onboard by the deadline provided in the communication sent to you. 

If you are a new carrier partner that is not yet registered with Ready Logistics, we will be accepting new carrier partners beginning in June of 2021. There will be an update on the Ready Logistics website as well as here on the Carrier Connect website. 

If you have any questions regarding the RMIS website, please contact RMIS support at 888.643.8174 or email

If you have any questions regarding Ready Logistics, please call 489.558.3200 or email

Wave Status Tracker

Wave 1.1 Start Date 4/12/2021, End Date 4/16/2021

Wave 1.1

Wave 1.2 Start Date 4/20/2021, End Date 4/30/2021

Wave 1.2

Wave 2.1 Start Date 5/17/2021, End Date 5/26/2021

Wave 2.1

Wave 3.1 Start Date 6/8/2021, End Date 6/18/2021

Wave 3.1

Wave 3.2 Start Date 6/21/2021, End Date 7/2/2021

Wave 3.2

Wave 3.3 Start Date 7/6/2021, End Date 7/16/2021

Wave 3.3

Wave 3.4 Start Date 7/19/2021, End Date 7/30/2021

Wave 3.4

Wave 4.1 Start Date 8/9/2021, End Date 8/20/2021

Wave 4.1