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Carrier Connect

Carrier Connect is an all new website created and maintained by our Carrier Experience Team to help develop, cultivate and support our carrier relationships. Carrier Connect will feature training materials, FAQs, safety tips, industry news, Ready Logistics updates/notifications, monthly carrier spotlights on our recognized and rewarded carriers, team member bios to help carriers put a face to the name as well as many other useful tools and content. 

Carrier Management (RMIS) Reference Guide

Please use the document below to understand how to update your account through the Carrier Management Portal. 

The document linked below will provide you with information on how to update your account through the Carrier Management Portal. It will explain how to login to the portal and the most common non-certified reasons and how to correct these issues. 

Carrier Management Reference Guide

Carrier Recognition Program

Meet one of the carriers that was recognized for their hard work and dedication to Ready Logistics. This week we are recognizing…

B & B Automotive Towing

Established 2006

Our company is family ran and operated. We strive on customer service and take great pride in the jobs we perform. We strive on customer service because we feel a happy customer will always be a returning customer, and our employees are taught to always respectfully treat people the way they would expect to be treated, no matter what the situation.

~ B & B Automotive Towing Team

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Training Materials

Learn how to get the most out of 1Dispatch Mobile by reviewing our training materials, including a product demo and a comprehensive user guide. To view these documents, click on the links below.

New 1D Mobile App Quick Reference

The New 1D Mobile App allows Carriers to complete vehicle inspections, manage assigned loads, and more. Explore our guide to help you learn how to use the mobile app.

View Instructions

1D Mobile App - Additional Photo Requred

The 1Dispatch Mobile App has updated the required 5 photos to now include a 6th required photos, the vehicle keys. Read more about the enhancement by clicking below. 

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New 1D Mobile App Training Videos

Need assistance with how the mobile app works and how to use all the features? Check out our training videos. 

View Here

New 1D Mobile App FAQs

Have any questions? Check out our FAQs regarding the New 1D Mobile App. Still have questions? Chat with us using the chat icon in the bottom right corner. 

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Ready Logistics is here to answer your most commonly asked questions you may have regarding the 1Dispatch Mobile App. Select any question below to learn more, or chat with one of our representatives »

Who gets a copy of the Electronic Bill of Lading (eBOL)?

When you click ‘Send eBOL,’ the eBOL will be sent to Ready Logistics and the Carrier’s company. If any additional parties need a copy, you can type in the email address or fax number.

How can I view my eBOL’s?

To view your eBOL, you will need to:
1. Log on to your 1Dispatch dashboard (
2. Navigate to the ‘My Loads’ tab.
3. Under ‘Status,’ click on ‘View eBOL’ to view pictures and any damage marked.

Can I update my load status on the 1Dispatch Mobile App?

Yes, you are required to update any changes to your pick-up or drop-off dates as soon as possible. To update a load status, you will need to:
1. From the ‘Current Loads’ screen, click on the load that needs to be updated.
2. Click ‘Edit Date’ and update the pick-up date or delivery date. (If you are updating the pick-up and delivery date, you must update the delivery date first.)
3. Enter a note indicating the reason for the change
4. Click ‘Save.’

How can you view the photos during the signature process?

You can view the photos on the ‘Load Details’ screen by clicking on the vehicle.

Can I accept a load on the mobile app?

No, loads can be accepted on

Can I search the Open Marketplace using the app?

No, Open Marketplace can be accessed on

Can I take additional photos?

Yes, the app will allow you to take up to 24 photos.

Do I need to complete a vehicle inspection at pick-up and delivery?

Yes, a full vehicle inspection needs to be completed at both pick-up and delivery

Do I need to give the 1Dispatch Mobile App access to my camera and GPS location?

Yes, 1Dispatch requires access to your camera and GPS location to complete vehicle inspections. The first time you log into the Mobile App, you will need to:
1. Accept terms and conditions.
2. Allow access to your camera for taking inspections photos.
3. Allow access to your GPS location for eBOL submissions.

What is my Username/Password for the 1Dispatch Mobile App?

You can sign in to the 1D Mobile App using your Username and Password. Carriers can also reset their Username and Password through by clicking ‘Forgot Password.’


Ready Logistics is committed to enhancing your experience as a carrier. Using the submission form below, please provide feedback on what you would like to see on Carrier Connect.