Manheim Logistics Forms Exclusive Agreement with DHL Supply Chain

As we officially announced our exclusive, multi-year agreement with DHL Supply Chain last week that will help us take automotive logistics to the next level, we want to provide clarity to you, our carrier partners, on what this means as part of our future together. We want it to be clear why we partnered with DHL, how DHL will help us provide the most advanced, holistic transportation management system, and what this means for you in the future. You can read the full announcement here, and learn more about DHL Supply Chain’s portfolio of transportation solutions here.

Why Manheim Logistics selected DHL

Manheim Logistics, which facilitates millions of vehicle moves each year between Ready Logistics and Central Dispatch, needed a partner that not only has advanced technology and logistics engineering expertise, but also shares our cultural values and vision for the future of automotive logistics. DHL Supply Chain is the ideal choice to help us create capabilities that historically haven’t been possible in the automotive space, as well as substantially improve our quality, on-time delivery, vehicle tracking, and more. By working with DHL, we aim to deliver an unmatched experience in the auto transport space, helping to grow your business alongside our own.

Here are key reasons in our decision to select DHL as our partner for our long-term logistics solution:

  • Industry-leading platform, Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)
  • Leader in Transport Management & Digital Innovation
  • Partnership and resources to support growth with our carrier partners
  • Best in class client and carrier integrated digital interfaces
  • Enhanced capabilities including dynamic load and route optimization
  • Shared cultural values and beliefs (e.g. DHL Zero Emissions by 2050)

Answers to your questions:

We strive to be as transparent as possible with you. Below are clarifications to some questions that you may have about our newly formed partnership with DHL Supply Chain.

Question: Why did Ready partner with DHL?

Answer:  We believe that by more heavily digitizing the transportation experience, the more efficient it will be for you, our valued partners. To accomplish that, we needed a partner with industry leading technology and forward thinking transportation operations expertise. Through an extensive selection process, DHL was determined as the best choice to help us achieve that goal and deliver a more efficient experience for you.

Question: How will this impact me as a carrier that does business with Ready?

Answer:  You will see an overall improvement of your experience, including improved technology capabilities enabling a faster, more efficient dispatch process, load and route optimization, and integrated digital tools providing real-time information. You will continue to interact with the Manheim Logistics/Ready teams, and we will remain responsible for the end-to-end shipper experience and results.

Question:  Who will I interact with in the future, Ready or DHL?

Answer:  Ready will continue to own all client relationships and experience, keeping your success as our focus.  DHL will from time to time assist with operational tasks to streamline processes that are cumbersome and time consuming today, but your experience will be seamless.

Question:  I currently automatically get loads because of my good rating, how will this impact that?

Answer:   Improved technology will allow us to continue to automatically dispatch loads to our high performing carriers with greater accuracy and visibility of a carrier’s performance.

Question:  Does this change how I will obtain loads from the load board?

AnswerYou will continue to use 1Dispatch to look for available loads, request loads, self-dispatch loads and manage their inventory.

Question: Is there a new system or app that we will need to learn and use?

Answer:  We are making enhancements to the 1Dispatch app and website, but we will make sure you and your teams have all the information and training needed to be successful when any enhancements come out.

Question: Is Ready going to be buying up all the small and medium sized trucking companies?

Answer:  Ready is not planning on buying any trucks or trucking companies. 

Question: DHL is a parcel and freight company; how do they know how to move cars?

Answer:  DHL is a leader in logistics, and their expertise in this area, combined with their advanced technology are a perfect complement to our own expertise in moving vehicles. We are fully engaging our Ready Logistics team members who have extensive years of experience in the auto transport industry space in this collaboration with DHL.  Ready and DHL are reviewing every detail to make sure that our systems and processes can support and simplify the work that we do today in order to deliver a better, and more efficient, client experience.

Question: How can we stay informed of any changes that may impact us?

Answer:  We will communicate any news and updates by email and through our online tools, like Carrier Connect. Please make sure we have updated email information if it has changed recently and pay close attention to any emails from Manheim/Ready Logistics. Also, make sure to check back consistently in Carrier Connect.