About Us

Who is the Carrier Experience Team?

The Carrier Experience Team encompasses Carrier Analytics, Carrier Sourcing and Support, Carrier Relations, and Carrier Compliance. Our team is here to assist, support, and advocate for you, our Carrier Partners. We want to provide you with the best experience with Ready Logistics by listening to your feedback, acting on that feedback to provide you with solutions and results, and provide you with open and honest communication. We are YOUR advocates.

Meet the team members of Carrier Experience:

Dina Kovalynsa

Manager Carrier Relations

Personal/Work Facts: Russian/Ukrainian/Polish but New Yorker at heart. 2 cats that rule the house and they have a dog sidekick. 7 years with Ready Logistics, currently working as the Carrier Relations Manager. 

What makes me tick: road-trips, brunch, music, being part of a driven and positive team. 

Favorite Quote: “It takes the same amount of energy to be negative as it does to be positive.”

Sean Akins

Supervisor Carrier Experience

Before working at Manheim Logistics I studied and worked in physical therapy. My job as the Supervisor for Carrier Experience is to advocate for our carrier partners and make Manheim Logistics the best place to work. In my free time I love spending time with my family, hiking, being active, shopping and trying new places to eat. 

Luz Del Carmen

Carrier Relations Representative

Passions: I love animals, riding motorcycles, taking naps, and spending time with my family.

Characteristics: Creative, patient, caring and adventurous

Dislikes: Cold weather, bugs and Papaya

Likes: Cats, plants, art, scary stories


Darren Rosner

Carrier Relations Representative

Passions: Editing music/Dj’ing

Characteristics: Dependable, patient, honest, homebody & adventurous

Dislikes: Candy, cold weather, my alarm clock

Likes: Music, MMA/Boxing, animals, all Chicago sports teams (minus the cubs) & Italian food!


Rosendo Rodriguez III

Carrier Relations Representative

Hello, my name is Rosendo Rodriguez III and I am 26yrs old.

Here are a few pics of me, my wife Paola and my 4 dogs, Pitbull, chihuahuas, lab/chow mix (as you can see we love our fur babies!) I am a soon to be a father to our princess, daughter named Elsi. I have been married for 4 yrs. now and I haven’t gone too crazy, yet! We enjoy hiking, traveling, activities outdoors, video gaming and spending time with family. I have been working here at Ready for 6 yrs. now in operations. I love working here as I learn something new almost every day. I also enjoy establishing relationships with our carrier partners as they are a huge part of the business and Ready’s success!


Chad Sorensen

Sr. Carrier Sourcing Specialist

I have been with Ready Logistics for 14 years. Hobbies include boating, kayaking and guns. Favorite food roast beef and mashed potatoes. 


Zussette Solares

Sr. Sourcing Specialist

Facts: I am 4th in line out of 5 children! I was taught how to love and respect others by my family and the land.

Passions: Hiking, climbing, soccer, swimming, family tree/bloodline, my pups, reading, writing, painting, singing, cooking, fashion. I believe humans are good at heart and if I can use myself positively to build people up, I will!

Characteristics: Fast talker, loud laugher, loyal, inquisitive (asks a lot of questions and can sometimes be perceived as nosey)

Dislikes: Being served cold food that was intended to be hot, when the weather channel says there is a 10% chance of rain and it doesn’t rain, bullies. 

Likes: Cacti in bloom, monsoons, when the elders tell stories about “back in the day”, falling asleep during sports games, bing the “cool” auntie, people that are direct.


Dustin Freund

Carrier Performance Analyst

Hi, I’m Dustin, and I am the analyst on the Carrier Sourcing team. I have been with the company for 4 years and look forward to partnering with our carriers to be successful. 


Steve Vanegas

Carrier Relations Representative

Passions: Helping others when they are in need

Characteristics: Following through, dependable, and willing to be an advocate for others

Likes: Traveling, spending time with my family, going out to dinner with friends, MLB Baseball, NFL, and concerts

Emily Solares-Candelaria

Carrier Relations Representative II

Facts: I was born and raised in a small town in Oregon. I am a middle child but also have a twin. I have 3 dogs, 2 huskies and a mini poodle mix, they are my children. I moved to Arizona this year and do find myself dreaming of the ocean often. Though the desert is also wonderful in many ways. 

Passions: I love all animals (hence the chickens in my photo, sadly they are not mine), crocheting, art, hiking, ATV riding, cooking/baking. 

Characteristics: Creative, patient, adventurous

Dislikes: Extremely hot weather, tea, allergies

Likes: Rain, swimming, being an auntie, sugar, coffee

Vanessa Merassaint

Carrier Relations Representative II

Hi, my name is Vanessa Merassaint. I have been with Ready Logistics for 7 years. I was born and raised in TN and have only been living in FL for about 10 years. I am married to the love of my life for 12 years May of 2022 and we have 2 fur babies – Tucker & Bailey. In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends and family, reading and a thrift store shop lover. An unknown fact that most do not know about me is, this is my 1st job working in Logistics, my background is in the medical field!

Adriana Pacheco

Carrier Compliance Representative

Hello, my name is Adriana Pacheco. I have been with Ready Logistics for 6 years now. I can be an introvert & may come off as a little shy. However, once you get to know me you will see how AMAZING I am. In my free time I enjoy going to the beach with my husband & children. I love reading or listening to audio books. I am into astrology & I’m a very spiritual person. I am not a fan of hot tea or Sushi, let’s just say I hate seafood in general. 

Lauren Lundbeck

Sr. Carrier Experience Specialist

Hi, my name is Lauren. I have been with Ready Logistics for 5 years. I am from a small town in Illinois. I moved to Arizona to continue my college degree. I graduated in May 2020 with a degree in marketing. I am a book worm; so, in my free time I love to read true crime and self-improvement books. I also enjoy painting and coloring. I am a huge football fan, Go Bears!

Rachel Lopez

Carrier Compliance Representative

Hello, my name is Rachel Lopez, I have recently joined the Cox Automotive family. I just celebrated my five-year wedding anniversary with my husband. Together we have a beautiful blended family of six boys, one girl and two fur babies. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my fur babies, going on vacation with my family, spending time with my children, watching the Arizona Cardinals and binge watching worthy tv shows!